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Tiny Brick Compatible letters

Tiny Brick Compatible letters

Another year older? That's ok! With our reusable letters available, you can celebrate year after year in style!  These are available with or without spikes to either stick into the cake or lay flat against the icing. 


£7.50 for the first 5, then £1.00 for extra letter or number.


Made from quality plastic and shaped in Kent, each item is approx 4cm high and 2.5cm wide and LEGO® Brick compatible. Our products are eco-friendly! Made from a non-toxic, biodegradable 3D printing material, derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugarcane. 


Simply let us know the colour you'd like and we'll take it from there. We'll soon have your personalised gift sailing straight to your door, ready for your upcoming celebration.  


    Each of our gifts are handmade to order and non-returnable, however if there is any issue at all with your order, please reach out and we'll work with you to fix the problem! 


    Free shipping within the UK!

    Each product is made to order and takes time to design and print.  For the UK, please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

    For Europe, 10 working days.



    • We're a family run home business in Kent and really appreciate you supporting us!
    • Not designed to be used as a toy
    • Not to be stored in direct sunight
    • Spot clean with water
    • Please remove letters from cake before consuming to avoid choking hazard
PriceFrom £7.50